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But, for anyone who saw the premier episode, “The Mentalist” was anything but a copycat procedural.

Instead, it was an out-of-the-gate sensation, with over 15 million viewers and landing itself in the #10 spot as one of the most viewed TV shows that week.

In her first big break on television, Amanda Righetti was introduced as Hailey Nichol, the black-sheep sister of Kirsten Cohen in “The O.

C.” After a successful run of 12 episodes on “The O.

Following the events of White as the Driven Snow, she and her husband decided to retire from law enforcement and left the series.Simon Baker may be the star and the guy we are rooting for, but Amanda Righetti is clearly the heart.We feel what she feels and we want to be there with her.Un timing parfait « Je pense que c'est le bon timing.C'est la fin que quelque chose et le début d'autre chose » a déclaré Amanda Righetti à TV Line.

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From that point on, the ratings increased and “The Mentalist” has stayed well-within the Top 10 each week ever since.

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