Bind9 not updating zone serial

We will use the dummy domain After completing this guide, you should have two authoritative-only name servers configured for your domain zones.

The names in the center column in the table above will be able to be used to reach your various hosts.

Introduced in BIND version 8 and refined in BIND version 9, the nsupdate utility provides the system administrator or casual user with a quick and painless method of updating a DNS zone, adding or deleting any type of DNS record the name server supports.

Looking again at dynamic DNS (DDNS), we now turn to setting up dynamic DNS on your BIND named name server, discussing some of the available security policies, and providing some examples of use.

Therefore, we create a new file /var/named/keys.conf, and include it from /etc/named.conf: The contents of /var/named/includes one key record for each user or host that will have DDNS update access.

We will set these up two Bind servers for our domain in a master-slave configuration.

To complete this guide, you will first need to be familiar with some common DNS terminology.

While most people will probably choose to use the DNS servers provided by their hosting company or their domain registrar, there are some advantages to creating your own DNS servers.

In this guide, we will discuss how to install and configure the Bind9 DNS server as authoritative-only DNS servers on Ubuntu 14.04 machines.

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You build a collection of keys, and then associate each key with one or more DNS zone, thereby establishing your site security policy.

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