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That’s why we have prepared these tips and examples.

Bold, comic type is used to catch the visitor’s attention and explain the significance of their brand.

Through the use of bold sans-serif and script typography, we get the impression right away what this web designer specializes in.

Stylized type is used to reach the demographic this website is aimed towards in hopes they’ll respond to this serious message and educate themselves.

A play on words for this hot dog shop alludes to the tasty food it offers.

Creative Payne uses a mixture of typographic styles to tell visitors who they are, where they’re from, and what services they offer.

The website for this designer, Vince Angeloni, uses a call-out treatment similar to a flyer to encourage the visitor to pursue his services.

Bold, slab type catches the viewer’s attention on this website for a web designer/front-end developer.

A play on words is used in this website for a company that sells pens – allowing the customer to consider just what they’re purchasing before they make the decision.

A fun illustration and accompanying headline relay to the visitor a compelling experience from this design studio.

The use of clever and effective design is necessary in setting your brand apart from the rest.

Through the use of clear and powerful copy, these websites are meant to catch your attention and captivate an audience.

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What are some unique visual or written tactics you use to make your website stand out? As a bonus, we also found this cool copywriting tips for beginners video, that will help you even more with headline creation!!

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