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Windows 10 users can now hook up Cortana with their Google account, giving the digital assistant access to the likes of Google Calendar events and your Gmail inbox.In terms of operating systems, this functionality is available to Windows 10 users only right now, although it’s expected to arrive for Android and i OS in short order. If you’re running Windows 10, you can open Cortana, click on the Notebook icon (on the left panel), and add Gmail as a Connected Service (it’s listed as Gmail, but as mentioned this feature encompasses your whole Google account).Dave W I understand how to wire up the 3 wire alternator.Thanx in advance as always, -=Fred=-If using an indicator light, you would use a single element bulb with a non-grounded (plastic) socket. It does not make any difference which wire connects to the #1 wire coming from the alternator.Once done, you can ask Cortana questions about what’s happening tomorrow on your Google Calendar, for example, and the assistant will let you know.

If you prefer to use a diode (not a resistor), you will connect it so that the current will only flow from the ignition terminal of the ignition switch to the alternator.

Dave W The diode allows the current to flow in one direction only, but it does not provide any resistance.

Every wiring diagram I've seen always used either the light or a resistor in the circuit.

I used the same wiring and plug for terminals 1 and 2, and upgraded the charge wire to 8 gauge when I switched to a 94 amp 12si. Bruce The diode allows the current to flow in one direction only, but it does not provide any resistance.

The stock wiring on my '75 truck with a 10si uses only 16 gauge wiring for the indicator wire. Yeah - I did know that about the diode, but there is a wee bit of resistance and wasn't sure if it was enough.

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