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In the same vein, they translated el Philistine as the god of the Philistine and el Israel as the God of Israel. The basis of morality, justice, resurrection, Virgin Birth, Holy Ghost, Trinity, humanized Trinity, the notion of the last judgment, with Ausar as judge (God) of the dead, myths and philosophies of all religions in the world, law and order in society, what constitutes good governance and democracy, all originated from the 'Great Quarrel'' and the 'Judgment of the Night of Weighing Words.'The Night of Weighing Words judgment introduced the concept of the feather of truth, and the scale as the symbol of justice.The end product of their fraudulent distortion is the Septuagint (LXX), the first Hebrew religious text in Greek, which the Church incorporated into the Bible as the Old Testament. But with both arms of the scale balanced and leveled horizontally.This is the most important document in the history of the world and is described all over the Internet and by various media around the world as a masterpiece.From this day on-ward, anyone praying anywhere in the world should pray to the only and true God, the Mother-God of the Universe.El Elyon (the Black Father or God of all gods of mankind) and his children were actually super human beings who had at one time or the other lived on earth, and were now ancestors who took charge of several individual nations. The laws on morality and human behaviour are known as the 'Admonitions of Goddess Maat,' the Goddess of Justice and law.None of these deities, not even El Elyon, was considered the Supreme or Universal Being. The laws gave mankind the concept of good and evil, truth and lie (deceit), and the feather of truth (i.e.

The Hebrews had a sense of self-loss and alienation at the time in history and needed a vengeful god to help fight their wars for them. It was not God El Elyon who chose the Jews as His own people, it was god Yahweh. Jurisprudence was a strong basis of law in the African deity, claiming that a “harbourer should not get away from the penalty of the thief.” Today, six thousand years after Africans set the tone; jurisprudence is taught as if it is a European invention.

By NAIWU OSAHON“The revelation that God is a woman came strongly on Monday 25 July, 2010, through spiritual experience.

I did not know how to present the complex revelation to the world.

This was perhaps intended to disturb my thought process, which was very fresh and coherent at the time.

I used the period of the blackout, which lasted for exactly three hours, to construct the shell of my thoughts so as not to forget.

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