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The Duke of Connanght, HIor.t Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Ixidge of England; Initiated into Frceninsonry Manh 84, 1374; inatalled an Sf.

Elizabeth Aldworth; received the first two de-jreeg of Proemaaonry in Lodge No. This female bitiation took place in consequence of her having concealed herself and wit- nessed the fir-t two defrrees when she was di»nvercd by the bretliren, who reassembled and decided what should be done, and submitted the proposi- tion to her of being initiated, which she accepted 296 Portrait of Brother Sir Walter Scott, Bart., the illustrious author of the Waverley Novels, from the original painting by Sir Thomas I.aiwrence; initiated into Freemasonry in St.

Engraving of a Burlenque of a ^ laion'a Lodge in France, copied from the original publivhed in Pi .

Possibly the explanation may be, that it signified a gpeeial as distinguished from a regular meeting, or the words may imply that an wraninnal and not a »tated' lodge was then held F Indeed the speculation might even Ix^ advanced, that the meeting van in effect a " moveable lodge," convened by the York brethren. inch aa wo And traoea of in the Kilwinning, the Dunblane, and the Haugiifoot minutea.' If m, we may •appoao that the pnoedent let by the Lodge of Kilwinning in 1677.' when the Maaona from the Canongate of Edinburgh andiad to it for a roring oommiaaion or ' tru Telling warrant," waa duly followed, and that the Scarborough brethren were empowered to admit qualifled peraon^ " in name and behalf " of the Lodge of York f The earlieat of the York minutee— now extant— are contained in a roll of parchment,* endorwd " 1712 to 1730," and for the following extracte I am indebted to my friend and cottaionkur, William Jamea Hughan. held at the home of Jamea Boreham, aitnate in Stonegate, in the City of York, Mr Thomaa Shipton, Mr Caleb Oreenbury.

We loam at all events, from tho roll referred to (28,) that at a primie lodge held at Scarborough " i'm the County of York," on the 10th of July 1705, " ))oforo " William Thompson, President, and other Free Maaons, six persons, whose names are subscribed, were "admitted into the fmternity." It is difficult to understand what is meant by the term " private lodge," an expi 'soion which ia frequently met with, us will be shortly |erceived, in tho minutes of the York body itself. SARLY BRITISH FREEAt ASONRY-ie M-i Tty *S \m tten tight MB gmtl MMii of Um imt (unili M in that neighborhood wan lude Mmooa. U»t we hnre here an example of the ou Mom of giaatiaf written licencea to enter Maaona at a dia Unce from the lotigo.

l Ox 14x 18x 22x 2«x 30x y 12x lex ao K a4x 2tx 32x Th« eo^ flbi Md hf hm bmn tott M e«f Mro«ity of : rapfodttood thwi M Stmitfmr Library L'MAfnptoir* nim4 fut raprodu H gri M A to e«n4ro«it4 d«: Stauffbr Library ^s IMwars I^ Tlw ifi Mfl M app Mrinfl htn ar* th* b Mt quality po— Ibto eom Maring th« eond Mon and togibi Uty of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha Laa imagaa suivantaa ont #ti raproduitaa avae la plua grand aoin. and anding en the toot pego with e printed or ilhietretod improeaion. Teus toa autrea o Memplairaa origlneus sent f Hmde en eommen^ent per to premiere pego qui eomporte une empreinte dimpreeaion ou dl Huetretion et en terminent per to domtoro pego qui eomporte une telto empreinte. Lee OKomptoiroe originau K dent to eouvartura an papier eat imprimde sent filmda 1% eommancant per to premier ptot et en terminent aoit par la daml Are pego qui eomporte une amprainte d'impraealon ou d'l Huatration. Tho toat recorded frame on eech microfiche •hell centein the symbol ^-^ (mooning "CON- TINUi D"). upon which he is a recogniied authority ill Portrait of Brother . After the original painting by the cra- inoiit arti4, J. Ti«M»t, nho H|i«nt ycorr« in the Hoi I^ind in i Mearch and rtmly %» to itn people, typet, cuatonw, mannerx, (Irw M, etc., of the Bib' lual fxrinil.

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  1. To go on a date, the characters go to an NPC and after having a conversation with the NPC, they are teleported to the “Date Instance.”Dates in Luna are much faster and, debatably, more fun than real life dates.