Invalidating an election

The accounts which amplified @Renate Biller’s tweet had a number of other indications of being a network of bots.Many were faceless; they posted a range of commercial and pornographic content in Russian and English, as well as pro-Af D posts and attacks on Russian anti-corruption campaigner Alexey Navalny.The other candidates were the independent Ljube Boškoski, New Democracy leader Imer Selmani, Nano Ružin from the Liberal Democratic Party, Agron Buxhaku of the Democratic Union for Integration and Mirushe Hoxha of the Democratic Party of Albanians, the only female candidate.A poll from February 2009 saw Ivanov at 27%, Frčkoski at 13%, Boškoski at 10%, Selmani at 9% and other candidates together at 18%.1,792,082 registered voters had the right to vote at the presidential and local elections in Macedonia.According to the electoral law, the president is elected if he wins the votes of the majority of the registered voters in the first round; or, simple majority of the votes in the second round, in which the turnout must be over 40% of the registered voters.

The above tweet from user @Hartes_Geld, for example, was shared over 300 times.Show what the people is capable of, something that the money-mad gluttons in the elite would never manage!Take your right to election monitoring seriously, to prove and prevent the greatest election fraud!However, a quick reverse image search of the @von_Sahringen account suggests that it is a fake account, rather than a genuine user.Its profile picture is a Pakistani actress named Aiza Khan.

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