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In the wake of active protests on social media, the government has announced the possible enactment of new laws to limit digital activism and access to information online.[4] Less overt limitations on online freedom stem from financial restrictions that limit investments in telecommunications infrastructure.Poor access and low quality connections continue to plague the country.In early 2014, CANTV experienced a 36-hour service interruption in the city San Cristóbal that coincided with an announcement by the administration that the government would take steps to control protests, which had been raging for two weeks by the time service was blocked.[48] Although there are a number of private providers, the state dominates the ICT market.Almost 69 percent of users access the internet through the state-owned provider CANTV´s ABA or through the state-owned mobile provider, Movilnet.[49] The strict foreign currency exchange control, in place since 2003, prevents private companies from repatriating their earnings and accessing the foreign currency necessary for their investments, which has led to the deterioration of their services.[50] It also creates a substantial barrier to new firms who might seek to enter the market.The quality of internet access is also low, a problem exacerbated by the restricted access to foreign currency, which has led to deterioration of telecommunication infrastructure.Blackouts of electricity are common, especially in smaller, rural cities where they frequently last many hours and sometimes even days.CANTV, the only provider to offer ADSL, dominates the fixed broadband market, providing service to more than 67 percent of users in this market.[51] The rest of the population accesses the internet through one of several private telecommunications providers.Seven companies provide cable (pay television) service to 4.5 million subscribers, and three of them also offer internet access via cable modem.

For example, a new Wi Max provider and a small company that offer speeds up to 25 Mbps market their services in wealthy regions of the country’s capital.[31] Among this small minority are elite with access to superior connections; some small initiatives of IPTV have also opened and gained users.[32] With average speeds over 4 Mbps, mobile connection speeds tend to be much faster than fixed-internet connections in Venezuela,[33] and the country is increasingly seeing people turn to mobile connections to access the internet.

Although a number of private internet service providers (ISPs) operate, the state-owned provider claims a majority of the backbone infrastructure and accounts for around 65 percent of all internet subscriptions.

Some experts have raised the possibility that service failures on the part of the state-owned provider were purposeful, as they often coincided with moments of increased political tension.

A complicated system of currency controls renders foreign currency inaccessible and hampers private investments in telecommunications infrastructure.

[10] The International Telecommunication Union estimates that internet penetration increased from 33 percent in 2009 to 57 percent at the end of 2014,[11] which puts Venezuela’s penetration rate at the average for the region.[12] Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) provided a similar estimate, measuring internet penetration at 60 percent in 2014, with 3.7 million subscribers and close to 16 million users.[13] Notably, last year CONATEL only measured internet penetration at 43 percent.[14] Although this appears to represent a 14 percent increase over the course of one year, the increase is actually the result of modification of CONATEL’s methodology, which now counts internet users seven years and older who have at least a data plan on their cellphones.[15] The vast majority of internet subscribers in Venezuela have broadband internet, although speeds typically fall below the normal broadband threshold.

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As the crisis engulfing Venezuela’s economy has deepened in the past few years, dollars have become scarce and people have flocked to the black market in droves to access foreign currency.[62] The government has waged a war on the site Dólar Today (Dollar Today), a prominent site run out of Florida which publishes the black market exchange rate,[63] blocking hundreds of URLs in its effort to purge links and re-blogged content from the site.

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