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I have confronted a Pakistani government official about nuclear proliferation.

I've interrogated a leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia about drug trafficking.

Saxena, which often look like purplish-red bands, lines or streaks that—over time—start to have a scar-like appearance.Grannie proceeded to tell me that all of her interactions with her husband, my grandfather, happened in the dark. Spect's 5th grade class, a permission slip went out to all of the parents for consent to allow their kid to sit through a two-hour sex ed discussion.Every kid in the class came back with a parent's signature except one: me.PROBLEM #2: Gym Hands Have you been noticing blisters or some itchiness on your skin after a sweat session?Regular gym-goers may have an allergic reaction to the rubber that is present on a lot of the equipment, says Dr.

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Your doc might also provide a steroid cream to quickly calm the rash, says Dr.

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