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Remember that some people can't seem to detect iso e super at all, so that could explain why some people don't think there is any difference at all. Longevity - 7/10(7 hours) Silage/Projection - 6,5/10(moderate projection and silage for the first 2-3 hours) Weather - For more or less any time of year. I personally wouldn't wear this on a really cold winter days and on a really hot summer days. This ones good I just don’t see myself getting excited to wear it , the dirty mineral flint part is not too appealing to me either.

Fragrance -Terre d'Hermes Hermes Bottle from - 2016 Terre d'Hermes is a eternal,elegant,classy and sophisticated scent with a fresh,clean and natural opening notes of citrus with a hint of pepper that give way to a refined,woody,earthy and deep mix of cedar,vetiver and patchouli with a wisper of resins in the drydown. Versatility - 9/10 Age - 25 Compliments - 8/10 Scent - 8,5/10 Main notes according to me - orange,vetiver,grapefruit,pepper,cedar. I’d rather just wear a great citrus one or just straight molecule 01 iso E super.

Terre d’Hermès: conceived in 2006 by Jean-Claude Ellena, Terre d’Hermès is a metaphor for materials, a matrix that speaks of territory as well as matter, earth, and roots.

He enjoys whisky, bourbon, fine food and has class, grace and respect when courting a woman.

Unfortunately I smell this on 18-24 year old f*ckboys where I live and it makes me cringe.

I tend to dislike male citrusy perfumes as they often have that dated, stuffy "barbershop / older man" smell, but this is a beauty.

It faded quite quickly and didn't project much beyond the opening 5-10 minutes, though. It is not a fragrance that will take you on holidays to a seaside town, its a working in the sun scent possibly picking oranges in an orchard in a sunny country town somewhere in Europe.

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