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ELK RAPIDS HIGH SCHOOL – GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL COACH Interested persons should apply in writing to Jim Standerfer, Athletic Director, Elk Rapids High School, 308 Meguzee Point Rd., Elk Rapids, MI 49269; or [email protected] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MILL CREEK ELEMENTARY – COOK’S HELPER A position is available for a part-time cook’s helper. Third Street, Elk Rapids, MI 49629, and/or at [email protected] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TRANSPORTATION – SUBSTITUTES Must be at least 21 years of age to qualify and have a valid Driver’s License. Interested persons should apply in writing to Marc Pritchard, Food Service Director at 707 E.

The mission of the Women's Resource Center is to protect, shelter, and empower people impacted by domestic and sexual violence.The Women’s Resource Center has been helping victims of sexual and domestic violence for 40 years.After four decades of service, the WRC is known as the area's primary service provider for domestic and sexual violence survivors, assisting residential and non-residential clients with support, advocacy and immediate crisis intervention.-Sec of State showed Stan Grot at 48%, Mary Treder Lang at 21%.-Lieutenant Governor showed Schuitmaker at 23% and Laura Cox at 20%. Randy says utility rates will rise by 50-100% should the pipeline close and the environmentalists will use this ballot wording as a model to force referendums in other states with pipelines to close them down as well.

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  1. Plus, it could cause friction between you and your date, and the last thing you'd want is to end up in a mighty Red State/Blue State battle over margaritas.