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Cliff is thrilled that Theo will continue the Huxtable tradition as a member of the football team.And he can hardly control his joy when his son asks to see some of his old football moves.Unfortunately, Cliff soon discovers that being a doctor has not fully prepared him to take care of a sick child.While staying at a friend's house for a weekend, Theo has his ear pierced to prove his independence.

Rudy is sick, and Clair must go to an important interview, so Cliff stays home to watch her.

Vanessa sneaks out to see the movie anyway, but soon regrets it when she begins having nightmares.

Now she insists on sleeping with Cliff and Clair, but she quickly overstays her welcome.

With her music recital three days away, Vanessa cannot play a note on the clarinet.

So Cliff arranges for her music teacher to give her private lessons. Hampton, (Dizzy Gillespie) tries to give her a crash course in the clarinet. Cliff Huxtable and his wife, Clair, a lawyer, invite daughter Denise's bright new boyfriend (Kristoff St. But the outspoken fellow soon wears out his welcome when he criticizes the medical and legal professions.

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