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Winston-Salem is home to the tallest office building in the region, 100 North Main Street, formerly the Wachovia Building and now known locally as the Wells Fargo Center.

Winston-Salem is called the "Twin City" for its dual heritage and "City of the Arts and Innovation" for its dedication to fine arts and theater and technological research. Winston-Salem is also known for its traditional furniture company.

Finally, lots were drawn to select among suitable sites for the location of a new town.

The town established on the chosen site was given the name of Salem (from "Shalom" meaning "Peace", after the Canaanite city mentioned in the Book of Genesis) chosen for it by the Moravians' late patron, Count Zinzendorf.

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That same year, Pleasant Henderson Hanes, also of Davie, built his first tobacco factory a few feet from Brown's warehouse.

Ironically, the sign hanging on the USPS location in downtown Winston-Salem reads "United States Postal Service, Winston-Salem, NC." The Reynolds family, namesake of the R. Reynolds Tobacco Company, played a large role in the history and public life of Winston-Salem.

By the 1940s, 60% of Winston-Salem workers worked either for Reynolds or in the Hanes textile factories.

These included the church, a Brethren's House and a Sisters' House for the unmarried members of the Congregation, which owned all the property in town.

For many years only members of the Moravian Church were permitted to live in the settlement. Many of the original buildings in the settlement have been restored or rebuilt and are now part of Old Salem Museums & Gardens.

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"Camel City" is a reference to the city's historic involvement in the tobacco industry related to locally based R. Many locals refer to the city as "Winston" in informal speech.

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